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the binding

  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    Nicalis, Inc. - Shareware -
    Bindningen av Isaac: Rebirth är en oberoende roguelike spel designad av Edmund McMillen och utvecklades och publicerades av Nicalis. mer info ...
  • ClamAV 0.99.0

    ClamAV 0.99.0

    Pascal de Bruijn - Open Source -
    ClamAv # är en Mono språk bindning för ClamAV virusskydd. mer info ...
  • The Binding Of Isaac

    The Binding Of Isaac

    The Binding Of Isaac - Shareware -
    Bindningen av Isaac är ett slumpmässigt genererat action RPG shooter med tunga Rogue-liknande element. Efter Isaac på hans resa spelare kommer att hitta bisarra skatter att ändra Isaks form ger honom super mänskliga förmågor och ger honom … mer info ...
  • Enigma 1.01

    Enigma 1.01

    Daniel Heck - Freeware -
    ENIGMA är en programvaruverktyg för att extrahera gen uttryck moduler från perturbational microarray data, baserat på användning av kombinatoriska statistik och diagram-baserade kluster. mer info ...
  • Centipede


    Centipede - Shareware -
    CENTIPEDE is the only one with an actual software package released. The benefit of their training on specific motifs is that there appears to be a unique DNase cutting pattern for each TF. mer info ...
  • CSharp Graphics Library

    CSharp Graphics Library

    Lloyd Dupont - Open Source -
    The CSharp Graphics Library is a C# binding forOpenGL and SDL. It is designed to be across-platform graphics library for use with the.NET framework. mer info ...
  • databinding4swt


    alphaWorks - Freeware -
    databinding4swt is analogous to the Swing DataBinding shipped in Rational Application Developer(RAD), Version 6. It has been extended to includedata bindings for Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT)components so users can effortlessly access … mer info ...
  • Databrid 1.3

    Databrid 1.3

    Databrid - Freeware -
    Databrid is a database browsing, retrieval, andmanipulation tool for Oracle and MySQL Databases.Functionality includes SQL autocompletion, syntaxand word highlighting, auto case adjustment,schema browsing, and the ability to save or … mer info ...
  • Bind to EXE library 1.1

    Bind to EXE library 1.1

    Code Office, Inc. - 1,6MB - Shareware -
    Bind to EXE is an easy-to-use delphi library that enables your applications to bind/extract files to/from an executable file at RUNTIME. It consists of two classes, TBindToEXE and TExtractFromEXE, corresponding to two working stages, i.e. mer info ...
  • Lightweight Java Game Library

    Lightweight Java Game Library

    Gregory Pierce - Open Source -
    The Lightweight Java Game Library is a native binding for OpenGL and OpenAL written with game developers in mind. It allows the full OpenGL and OpenAL APIs to be exposed without the penalties associated with competing methods, nor the … mer info ...
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the binding